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Support ATLAS LEAD in serving DC’s youth!


Support ATLAS LEAD in serving DC’s youth!

CHAMPS membership includes outreach via blog posts, newsletter mentions, and events on the community calendar.  Take advantage to reach out to your fellow local business leaders.  Here’s something awesome Atlas Fitness is doing to uplift our youth!  Check it out and reach out to support them.


Atlas Fitness Leaders in Education and Athletic Development (LEAD) is our community service division that offers at-risk youth free time with professional fitness instructors to learn skillful movement patterns that translate directly into improved health, athletic ability, and positive mental attitude.

Last year Atlas trained over 300 middle and high school age youth residing in Wards Seven and Eight.

We received an overwhelming amount of students signing up for this school year, and we are in the middle of a great first session.

To complete the school year, we need your help to support our program, our team, and our youth.

Will you be an Atlas LEADer?

There are 2 ways to donate: 

1. Directly to the Atlas LEAD program by contacting the Youth Outreach Program Manager, Tara Anastasi at (ask about our sponsorship packages) 
2. via our Generosity page:

For more information on our program:…