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Real Estate Agents: what’s within walking distance of your listing?


Real Estate Agents: what’s within walking distance of your listing?


Are you looking for a way to highlight the cool neighborhood shops, dining and services near your listings? CHAMPS member and City Walker CoFounder/CEOMatt Schoemaker has developed City Walker app which can be used to embed a dynamic app on your property listings page that shows what’s in a 15 minute walking distance from your listing. 

Here is an example of a real estate agent using the tool:

And here’s an example of City Walker embedded with Stay Attache:

A little about City Walker:

City Walker is a free hyper local review platform that answers the question where would a local go within a 15 minute walking distance of your current location. We focus on the walking distance because it’s our belief that to truly immerse yourself in a city you have to experience it just as those who live there, one step at a time. The reason this matters and we are different is most travel apps and review sites are driven by marketing dollars and reviews of anyone who has wandered into town. Our search is driven and controlled by the local population and their opinions. This enables us to surface businesses that have been blessed by the locals.  Mom and pop business will compete with large chains because customers are at the center of their ranking on City Walker. It allows businesses to focus on providing a great customer experience and lets the customers speak on their behalf.  Not to mention – gets people walking!

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