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Discussion with Commander Morgan Kane, MPD First District Commander


Discussion with Commander Morgan Kane, MPD First District Commander

Commander Kane spoke at CHAMPS January 2020 Quarterly Meeting and provided an update on crime in the neighborhood and took questions from members. She also outlined some of the resources she’s developed and is working on (including staffing on 8th Street/Barracks Row) and committed to continue working with business owners and residents on issues of aggressive panhandling. She reminded members that DC does not have loitering laws, and that other agencies, including the DC Department of Behavioral Health, need to be involved in issues of homelessness and substance abuse.

A few good points and resources she provided:

  • Put your cellphone away when walking. We’ve had lots of crimes of opportunity where a thief swipes a cellphone out of someone’s hand while they’re walking down the street. Have situational awareness and put your phone away.
  • Communicate with the police! If you see a crime or are the victim of a crime, report it. Not sure if you should call 911? Just call 911.
  • Sign your business and your home up for the Security Camera Rebate Program. This program provides rebates for cameras installed up to your home or business up to a certain dollar amount, with an agreement that video footage is available to MPD if they need it. Video is key to helping solve crimes.
  • Still don’t want to call 911? Check out the First District Roster below.

First District Roster

District Commander and Stations

Commander Morgan Kane(202) 299-2037 
1D Watch Commander(202) 437-7632
Station Desk(202) 698-0555
Station Fax(202) 442-8002
Substation (1D-1) Desk(202) 698-0068
Substation (1D-1) Fax(202) 727-4028

Sector 1 // PSAs 101, 102, and 103

MemberCell PhoneOffice Phone
Captain Jonathan Dorrough(202) 903-4123(202) 729-2179
Lieutenant Seth Anderson(202) 536-9408  (202) 729-2199
Lieutenant Wayne Steinhilber(202) 841-2672(202) 729-2196
Lieutenant Steven Andelman(202) 597-2052(202) 729-2197

Sector 2 // PSAs 104, 107, and 108

MemberCell PhoneOffice Phone
Lieutenant Damion Taylor, Acting Captain(202) 437-1990(202) 698-0091
Lieutenant Daniel Dyn(202) 870-7590(202) 698-0066
Lieutenant Donald Ennis(202) 489-9274(202) 698-0068
Lieutenant Damion Taylor(202) 437-1990(202) 698-0091

Sector 3 // PSAs 105 and 106

MemberCell PhoneOffice Phone
Captain Michael Pulliam(202) 731-0431(202) 729-2179
Lieutenant Felicia Lucas(202) 553-8800(202) 729-2198
Lieutenant George Donigian Jr.(202) 815-1594(202) 645-0994

Specialized Units

UnitOfficialCell PhoneOffice Phone
1st District Reserve CorpsPatrol Services South Official George Davis
1st District Team Lead Ivan Lawit
 (202) 727-6587
District Detectives UnitLieutenant Shawn Rooney(202) 763-5572(202) 299-3431
Special Missions UnitLieutenant Marquis Queen(202) 391-6879(202) 299-2048
Administrative OfficeLieutenant Joseph Kuchta(202) 425-5322Phone: (202) 299-2043
Fax: (202) 442-0085
Domestic Violence Unit  (202) 299-3395
(202) 299-3408

Other Contacts

Additional ResourceCell PhoneOffice Phone
Citizens Advisory Council (CAC)
First District Chair
Robert PittmanWebsite:
(202) 681-2764(202) 299-3373
Community Prosecution/Major Crimes Section 
Doug Klein, Community ProsecutorUnited States Attorney’s Office
 (202) 729-3718
Community Outreach Coordinator (MPD)
Fayette Vaughn-Lee
(202) 497-0814 (cell)
(202) 698-0188 (office)