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Member Spotlight: Serve Your City From the Classroom to the Board Room


Member Spotlight: Serve Your City From the Classroom to the Board Room

Threee cheers to CHAMPS member Serve Your City and the students they serve for their showcase with the International Monetary Fund.

Serve Your City students from Eastern High School and their dedicated Math/Business teacher Ms. Marcelina Pascual were the honored guests of Madame Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, one of the most powerful women in the world, and her IMF staff of economists, lawyers, and administrators. SYC and volunteer staff from the IMF created the “Future Economist Academy” at Eastern HS to expose, train, and recruit students into careers in Business and Economics. IMF volunteers visited Eastern HS to help students develop business solutions for countries in need of IMF support due to financial crisis.

On June 1, our Eastern HS “Future Economists” presented their solutions via PowerPoint in the IMF board room sitting in the chairs of the IMF Board of Directors. Madame Lagarde showered our students with praise for their keen analysis and hard work. We are so appreciative to receive so much of her time and attention and we want to thank all of the IMF staff who welcomed and accommodated our group today. A special thanks goes to the IMF staff/volunteers who mentored our students at Eastern HS and supported them on June 1st at the International Fund Headquarters.