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HillRag’s New Look


HillRag’s New Look

Finding a new edition of HillRag on the newsstand monthly always brightens my day and I love pouring through it.  But these days you can enjoy HillRag’s pulse on our neighborhood daily via email updates and browsing their fresh new website.  Check it out:   Here’s a few recent articles you need to read!

Capital Candy Jar Opens Storefront in Northeast

Flowers for Lincoln Park

Stanton-Eastbanc Welcomes Flea Market Home to Hine School Site

South Hall Merchants React to Eastern Market Appraisal

Thai Massage Comes to the Hill (featuring CHAMPS members Lavendar Retreat & Freed Bodyworks)

Wines to Drink Now! – Featuring List from Schneider’s of Capitol Hill

Hard Hats at Hine Event Celebrates Businesses Old and New