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18th of October 2018

October 18 Legislative Update

Here’s an update on DC Council happenings and the new Office of Nightlife and Culture. DC Council Initiative 77 – The DC Council voted to overturn Initiative 77. The repeal bill passed by the same 8 to 5 margin as the previous vote (DC bills need to be voted on and pass twice before they […]

12th of September 2018

DC Health Link Education Breakfast Recap

Offering health insurance to employees can be accessible to DC small businesses, even those with only part time workers and little funding to put toward employer contributions. CHAMPS members received some great insights on offering health insurance during our September 6 education breakfast with Debra Curtis, Deputy Director for Policy with DC Health Link. Below […]

23rd of July 2018

DC’s Small Retailer Property Tax Relief Credit – Who Is Eligible and When?

The Small Retailer Property Tax Relief Credit, which was announced by Councilmembers Allen and Mendelson in May, passed the Council and will go into effect this October. CHAMPS reached out to Councilmember Allen’s office for details on the tax credit, including how and when it will be implemented. DC’s Office of Tax and Revenue is […]

5th of July 2018

DC Paid Leave Implementation Update July 2018 – New Regulations Proposed

The DC Office of Paid Family Leave (OPFL), part of the Department of Employment Services (DOES), continues to promulgate regulations to implement the Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act of 2016. OPFL posted proposed regulations in April, and solicited comments from the public. Those comments are available here.  Per OPFL’s web site, “Based on comments received, and […]

CHAMPS 2017-2018 accomplishments and annual meeting

CHAMPS annual meeting was held on June 12, and members attended to recognize the accomplishments of the year. Board Chairman Brad Johnson of Johnson Law Group International announced that Michael Warner, co-founder of DCanter, had been voted in to join the board. He also introduced Julie Aaronson, CHAMPS executive director, who spoke about the group’s […]

1st of July 2018

DCanter’s Michael Warner joins CHAMPS Board of Directors

CHAMPS is pleased to announce Michael Warner, co-founder of DCanter, has joined the CHAMPS Board of Directors.  His finance background and Capitol Hill business experience make him a great addition!   Michael D. Warner is the co-founder and COO of DCanter – A Wine Boutique. At DCanter, Michael manages all day-to-day operations and teaches a wide range of wine classes. […]

5th of June 2018

Initiative 77 on DC’s June 19 Ballot – What Is It?

You’ve seen the signs for and against: “Better Wages, Better Tips” and “SaveOurTips, Vote NO on #77.” But what is Initiative 77? In a nutshell, tipped employees (mostly your servers and bartenders) make $3.33/hour, versus the current DC minimum wage of $12.50/hr (increasing to $13.25/hr on July 1). Tipped employees  make up the difference between […]

4th of June 2018

Recap: DC DOES Paid Leave Implementation Briefing

Last week, about 20 CHAMPS members heard from the Office of Universal Paid Family Leave on the process of implementing the paid leave measure. Associate Director Monnikka Madison introduced the office members and gave us an overview of the paid leave legislation. This was one of the first outreach briefings with the business community that […]

17th of May 2018

DC Council includes tax relief for small businesses in FY2019 budget

The DC Council on May 15 voted to pass the DC budget, and included a $5,000 tax credit for qualified small businesses. Called the Small Retailer Property Tax Credit, it is estimated to allow 4,400 small retail business to lower or eliminate their minimum franchise tax bill or receive a tax rebate. How it works: […]

3rd of April 2018

Dimples Dental Suite Ribbon Cutting

  CHAMPS joined Dr. Takeisha Presson last month as she celebrated the one year anniversary of Dimples Dental Suite with a grand opening and ribbon cutting.  Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie attended and spoke of the important role small businesses – and their owners – play in connecting the community, and reminded attendees how it important it is […]