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7th of November 2019

Tools To Make Your Work Easier, More Efficient

CHAMPS ENTREPRENEURS SHARE THEIR TIPS AND TRICKS AT OCTOBER 2019 MEETING Our October entrepreneur meeting focused on tips and tricks that members have learned this year that have made their work easier, more efficient, or helped solve a problem.  Some of these tools were apps or programs, and some of them were systems or processes […]

30th of October 2019

Recap of DOES Meeting – Sept 25

CHAMPS hosted staff from the DC Department of Employment Services to answer member questions about unemployment insurance, paid family leave, and wage hour. DOES answered questions and provided several resources in response to questions – those questions and resources are summarized below. UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CHAMPS members noted that it is difficult for an employer to […]

10th of October 2019

Small Business Legislation – Sept 2019 update

Several pieces of legislation have been introduced in the past month that would reduce the tax burden on long-standing businesses in the District. Do you have thoughts on how this legislation could impact your business, or recommended changes to make it work better for you? Contact CHAMPS at with your suggestions. Two measures were […]

5th of September 2019

CHAMPS Comments on Paid Family Leave Benefits

[CHAMPS submitted the below comments to the Paid Family Leave Benefits Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on September 5, 2019.] I am writing on behalf of CHAMPS, Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce, on the proposed rulemaking for paid-leave benefits. Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment on these proposed regulations. Our comments focus on clarifying […]

22nd of August 2019

Recap of “What Every Small Business Should Know About DC Paid Family Leave”

DSLBD and DOES recently held a workshop to share with businesses “What Every Small Business Should Know About DC Paid Family Leave.” CHAMPS attended the workshop and below are some of the questions asked and responses given. Also, DOES noted that the benefit proposed rules have been released. The public has until September 9 to […]

22nd of July 2019

Summer Reading List for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Looking for a book this summer that can bring perspective or insight to your professional life? Then look no further than the summer reading list brought to you by the CHAMPS entrepreneur group! For our July meeting, members brought and recommended books that influenced their personal or professional lives. Here are a few of the […]

18th of July 2019

CHAMPS testimony to PFL Roundtable, July 11, 2019

Written Statement of Julie Aaronson, Executive Director of CHAMPS, the Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals July 11, 2019 Public Oversight Roundtable on the Implementation of Law 21-264, The Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act DC Council Committee on Labor & Workforce Development I am submitting a written statement on behalf of CHAMPS, the Capitol […]

21st of June 2019

CHAMPS 2019 Accomplishments

CHAMPS annual meeting was held on June 12, 2019 and we recognized the accomplishments of the year. Board Chairman Brad Johnson of Johnson Law Group International announced that Jesse Heier, co-owner of Jade Fitness and City Dogs, had been voted in to join the board. DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson was the guest speaker, and […]

14th of June 2019

Jesse Heier of Jade Fitness/City Dogs joins CHAMPS board

Jesse Heier has lived in DC for nearly 30 years and on the Hill for the last 20 years. He is a graduate of American University and Johns Hopkins University.  He co-owns City Dogs and Jade Fitness.  Originally from Wisconsin, Jesse grew up on a dairy farm, enjoys yard work, listening to Milwaukee Brewers baseball […]

16th of May 2019

CHAMPS letter to DOES on Paid Family Leave

A PDF of the letter can be downloaded, and the text of the letter is included here for easier viewing. April 26, 2019 Dr. Unique N. Morris-Hughes Director, DC Department of Employment Services 4058 Minnesota Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20019 Dear Dr. Morris-Hughes I am writing on behalf of CHAMPS, Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce, […]