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Business Sector’s Role in Solving Social Issues


Business Sector’s Role in Solving Social Issues

CHAMPS Board of Directors member Skip Thompson spoke on a panel at Social Impact 360’s Shift Series this past weekend to address the business sector’s role in solving social issues.

Skip addressed CHAMPS role saying, “Our job is to be an advocate for small businesses by providing them with resources and information about issues that will impact their business.    This involves supporting solutions to  critical social issues that directly affect our businesses and their employees.”

The Shift Series brought together young social entrepreneurs to develop creative partnerships to create solutions to today’s social issues while also developing diverse and sustainable revenue streams.  Shift Series brings together more than 150 students and alumni from leading universities, social and tech entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and corporate executives for a multi-disciplinary discussion around how we can prepare the next generation of socially conscious leaders.

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Social Impact 360’s value-based young social entrepreneurs create businesses for social impact and work within corporate America to solve the world’s greatest problems.

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