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A Day in the Life: Tim Bruffy


A Day in the Life: Tim Bruffy

The April 2017 edition of Inc. magazine detailed A Day in the Life of eight entrepreneurs at the top of their game.  CHAMPS was curious; how do our members, themselves local entrepreneurs and business leaders at the top of their game, make it work?  Today our series continues with Tim Bruffy, owner and personal trainer at the Atlas Fitness DC.  Tim has cracked the code to living a healthy lifestyle, being a successful business owner, and finding dedicated time for his family.  Who doesn’t want that secret!  Here’s how Tim balances his day to day.  Check it out hour by hour.


Owner / Personal Trainer


4:30am-5am      Wake up and start the coffee. Walk and feed the dog. Drink coffee and watch a little news to stay current.

5am-5:30am      Shower, get dressed and get into the gym by 5:45am. I review previous days shift reports, client lead trackers, and give the space a walk through. Begin with first client/class by 6am.

6am-8am              Working with a client or instructing a class. This is where I try to slip in some nutrition or quick visit home to see my wife and kid before they leave for work and day care before I have to report to our school programming by 8:45/9am.

9am-10am           This is where I’m available to support our school programming and our team. After clean up I head back to the gym…

10:30am-1pm   I reserve this time to take meetings with staff, school administrators, advisors, banks, lawyers, etc… oh and hopefully its over food!

1pm-2pm              This is where I rest my mind and body with some meditations or a nap, sometimes I can’t quite distinguish which one I had. lol

2pm-4:30pm      This time I reserve for emails, any top priority assignments/projects, run personal or business errands, or when I dedicate time to my fitness. Fitness loses often.

4pm-4:45pm      The family usually gets home around this time so hopefully I get to see them before I head back in for my evening client/class schedule.

5pm-8pm             Working with a client or instructing a class.

8pm-8:15pm      Make sure support staff at the gym are good and I head home.

8:15pm-9pm      Eat and spend as much time with my kid and wife as possible.

9pm-10pm           Watch TV and hang with my wife.

10pm-10:15pm                  Address any high priority communications that I missed between 4:30pm and 10pm due to being on the go…this is as needed.

10:30pm               Try to be in bed no later than…to repeat it all again.

Fridays are the same up until about 2pm…and then it’s all family. I still reserve first thing Sat/Sun mornings, 6:30am-8:30am, to continue any necessary emails communications, any top priority assignments/projects, or when I dedicate time to my fitness. The rest of the weekend life and family happen until later Sunday PM and then I begin to get into beast mode again by reviewing my weekly assignments and plans or make any changes to scheduling.