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Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce

The Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals (CHAMPS) is your local Chamber of Commerce. CHAMPS advocates, connects, and promotes Capitol Hill businesses.

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Initiative 77 on DC's June 19 Ballot - What Is It?

You’ve seen the signs for and against: “Better Wages, Better Tips” and “SaveOurTips, Vote NO on #77.” But what is Initiative 77? In a nutshell,

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Recap: DC DOES Paid Leave Implementation Briefing

Last week, about 20 CHAMPS members heard from the Office of Universal Paid Family Leave on the process of implementing the paid leave measure. Associate

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DC Council includes tax relief for small businesses in FY2019 budget

The DC Council on May 15 voted to pass the DC budget, and included a $5,000 tax credit for qualified small businesses. Called the Small

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Dimples Dental Suite Ribbon Cutting

  CHAMPS joined Dr. Takeisha Presson last month as she celebrated the one year anniversary of Dimples Dental Suite with a grand opening and ribbon

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