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Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce

The Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals (CHAMPS) is your local Chamber of Commerce. CHAMPS advocates, connects, and promotes Capitol Hill businesses.

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Discussion with Commander Morgan Kane, MPD First District Commander

Commander Kane spoke at CHAMPS January 2020 Quarterly Meeting and provided an update on crime in the neighborhood and took questions from members. She also

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Get Organized!

Did you know that January is National Organizing Month? We learned that fact and more from CHAMPS member and Magic Maker Solutions CEO Amy O’Donnell

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CHAMPS Entrepreneur Meeting Recap: Creative Writing Strategies in Business

Buck Downs, executive writing coach and CHAMPS member, led the November entrepreneur group in a discussion of the importance of creative writing strategies in business.

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Tools To Make Your Work Easier, More Efficient

CHAMPS ENTREPRENEURS SHARE THEIR TIPS AND TRICKS AT OCTOBER 2019 MEETING Our October entrepreneur meeting focused on tips and tricks that members have learned this

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